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Hypercom/Equinox T4220 Dual Comm Terminal

Hypercom/Equinox T4220 Dual Comm Terminal Refurbish.
Manufacturer: Hypercom
Manufacturer part number: 010332-359R

Refurbish T4220 Dual Comm Terminal manufactured by Hypercom/Equinox.

The Optimum T4220 countertop provides both Ethernet and dial terminal capabilities, giving merchants versatile communications options at fast download speeds as well as PCI-PED compliance.
The Optimum T4220's exclusive IP diagnostics application checks for failure at four separate points: cable, in-store gateway, ISP, and processing host and instructs the user to fix the issue–which means speedier problem solving at the Point of Sale.
Merchants can also print logos and coupons at the point of service - a great consumer convenience.
This multi-application terminal offers value-added services including check and gift card processing capability.

Shipping is free within the United States.

A standard international shipping rate of $59.00 will apply to all orders outside of the U.S. for this product.

Southern Merchant Inc. recommends checking to see that your current processor is compatible with this product.

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