Ingenico Credit Card Terminal Charging Base

There are many choices when it comes to the right credit card terminal, so let the experts at Southern Merchant help guide you.  

Southern Merchant sells replacement Ingenico Credit Card Terminal Charging Base. If you do not see the replacement docking bases for your Ingenico credit card machine, please call as we are glad to help. Over 20+years in the credit card terminal business. Se Habla Espanol.

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Ingenico iWL2xx/iWL200 Base Docking

Ingenico iWL2xx/iWL200 Base/Docking Station iWL200-01P1482A
$89.95 $59.95

Ingenico iWL2xx/iWL200 Bluetooth Full Featured Base Docking

Ingenico iWL2xx/iWL200 Full Featured Base/Docking Station iWL200-01P1482A IWL-200-01P1356A
$189.95 $89.95