Dial & Dual Comm Terminals

Dial & Dual Comm Credit Card Terminals

There are many choices when it comes to the right credit card terminal, so let the experts at Southern Merchant help guide you.  

Southern Merchant sells Dial Credit Card Terminals and Dual Comm Credit Card Terminals. Buy complete credit card terminals; brands such as Verifone, First Data, Ingenico, PAX, and Hypercom. Either buy complete credit card terminal sets or you can get replacement parts or extra accessories for your existing credit card terminals.

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PAX S80 Dial/Ethernet Terminal

New PAX S80 v3 192Mb Dial/Ethernet Terminal/Printer/PIN Pad/EMV/NFC
$189.95 $149.95

Verifone VX510 Dual Com Smart Card Terminal EMV

Manufacturer Refurbished Verifone VX510 Dual Comm with Smart Card Terminal

Verifone VX570 Dual Comm Smart Card Terminal M257-050-02-NAA

Manufacturer Refurbished Verifone VX570 Dual Comm with Smart Card Terminal M257-553-04-NAA M257-050-02-NAA

Verifone VX520 Dual Com Contactless

Refurbished Verifone VX520 Contactless with Smart Card Terminal