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PAX S80 Dial/Ethernet Terminal

New PAX S80 v3 192Mb Dial/Ethernet Terminal/Printer/PIN Pad/EMV/NFC
Manufacturer: Pax
Manufacturer part number: S80--EMLO
Old price: $189.95

Pax S80 Credit Card Terminal


  • Pax Ethernet Cable Card Terminal for Countertop 
  • PCI PTS Approved
  • High Speed Processor 32 Bit
  • USB Capacity
  • Large Battery
  • Memory 192 Mb
  • White Backlit Display
  • Thermal Printer
  • Magnetic Card Reader - Track 1, 2, 3, Bi Directional
  • Smartcard Reader
  • Built In Pinpad
  • Pax Part Number S80-M0L-363-02EA
  • Brand New Pax S80


Brand New PAX S80 v3 192Mb Dial/Ethernet Terminal/Printer/PIN Pad/EMV/NFC. 

Model number: PAX S80 S80-M0L-363-02EA

Part number: S80-M0L-363-02EA

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